Pets tell us
what's wrong.
We just have
to listen.

meet Michael Daly

CCMT, CESMP and Holistic Pet Health Coach

PAWsitive Wellness Owner and Therapist, Michael Daly is certified in both Canine Massage and Equine Shiatsu Massage. He is also a certified Holistic Pet Health Coach. Traveling between the East and West Coasts, Michael services clients in Los Angeles and Charleston, South Carolina. He was Certified in Canine Massage in 2011 from The Saddlefit School in Camden, South Carolina and by Geary Whiting for Equine Shiatsu in Big Sur, California. He received his Holistic Pet Health Certification through Dr. Ruth Roberts. Michael also has more than 20 years experience working directly with Veterinarians and is trained in Eastern, Western and Functional veterinary medicine. He has also has extensive knowledge of supplement and food therapy for pets.




Michael Daly Canine Massage with Dog

service Holistic Pet Health Coach

Holistic pet medicine treats your pet as a whole: mind, body, spirit. The Holistic approach uses several different practices, including massage, nutrition, supplementation and food therapy to address a variety of ailments and conditions.

Holistic Pet Health Charleston SC
To get started, you will fill out a detailed form regarding your pets health history, issues and personality. I will personally design a nutritional diet for your pet along with recommended supplementation for your pet's specific needs. The diet can address weight loss or gain, skin issues and even more serious cases like cancer. This Holistic Pet Health appointment includes a full 1 hour consultation with two followup appointments. It can even be done remotely!
Let me help your pet get back on the road to good health with a healthy Crockpot Diet Recipe formulated specifically for your pet's needs. Book an Appointment today.
Pet health and the Crockpot Diet

Pendleton Terrier family massage day! COSMO, ASTRID, CLYDE!
Hey yall! Did you want to do those things for your pet you only read about? Well i can help you as a Certified Holistic Pet Health Coach!
They thank us in many ways. ❤️
Showing my new client Rona the diet im about to start her on to help with chewing and licking her paws!
#theoriginalcrockpetdiet #drruthroberts 
@dr.ruthroberts #holisticpethealthcoaching
Ruby getting her cold laser therapy for her arthritis!
Even at client Diesel is still my puppy baby boy. ❤❤
Lou Lou is getting her post chemo massage to help flush out toxins and especially help her with releasing endorphins to help her sleep better at night.
Check out Lunas weight loss journey! At 75.6 pounds..I started her on The Original Crockpet Diet and now shes at 70.6 and feeling great! Contact me now to schedule a consult for your Dog! 
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the Benefits

Many of the Dogs I work on compete in Agility Competitions. Agility training is a celebration of canine athleticism. Your Dog is running courses like an Olympic athlete. Muscles are being taxed and pushed to their limit. Without proper care injuries can occur. Massage keeps the Dog’s muscles healthy and ready for the next event or training session.

Massage helps prevent injuries and arthritis in horses due to working, racing, jumping, showing. As well as improper saddle and horse shoe fitting.

Dogs that have suffered an injury and are on the road to recovery benefit from massage. It works as an anti-inflammatory agent on the muscles being used to overcompensate for the injury. Canine Massage can also aid in preventing muscle atrophy, and release the dog’s endorphins, speeding their recovery.

Many Senior Pets suffer from arthritis, making it more difficult for them to climb stairs, get in and out of vehicles, and move their body like they are used to doing. Regular use of massage is extremely beneficial. It can work as an anti-inflammatory agent by slowing down the deterioration of the muscles and joints and give your old girl or boy some much needed relief.

We all love our pets and it is hard to say goodbye. Massage can be a wonderful addition to hospice care and treatment for any pet nearing their last days. It can help them feel calm, ease their pain, and give them comfort during that time.

When an animal has surgery, the after effects of anesthesia can delay their recovery. The massage technique of stroking can be used to help move blood flow and assist the circulatory system to remove the anesthesia out of their body and make their recovery time faster and easier.

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