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PAWsitive Wellness Owner and Therapist, Michael Daly works with highly regarded local Veterinarians, Animal Medicine professionals and of course, his wonderful Clients.  See what they have to say.

Professional Recommendations

Dr. Ruth Roberts, DVM, CVA, CVH, CVFT

I’ve known Michael Daly for nearly 10 years, first as a veterinary technician in my employ, and then as a colleague and friend. As a veterinary technician, Michael always put the need of our patient first, even if it meant telling the owner something they did not want to hear or take responsibility for. He is truly an animal whisperer. I’ve seen so many stressed out snarling dogs and cats calm down and be relaxed, or at least tolerate what we needed to do. Michael is also one of the few techs I had that took the time to read and learn about new techniques on his own time. Once he learned a new skill, he would perfect it, and then teach others in the hospital. When he completed his massage training, his ability to care for animals reached an all new level.

Michael and I developed deep friendships with many of our clients, because we worked so intensely with them to improve their pet’s quality of life. Client friends often would call him when they really needed help making a healthcare decision for their pets, and I could not be reached. I know Michael has met several people at the ER’s to help make the pet more comfortable while waiting.

In short, in my 30 plus years in Veterinary medicine, Michael is one of the rare souls I’ve met who’s been able to keep his clarity about and love for animals intact. To see him continue this passion through his massage work is deeply gratifying to see and hear about.


Dr. Kristi Oldham, DVM

I’m honored to say that Michael services many of my clients with his calm, gentle and healing spirit that radiates to the entire home. Michael embodies the essence of the quintessential Medicine Man via his hands.
He is truly gifted!

Kristi Oldham, DVM

Dr. Kelsey S. Pruitt, DVM

It is my pleasure to recommend Mike Daly to you for Equine massage therapy. I have known Mike for over five years during which time he worked as an associate technician and canine massage therapist at Sun Dog Cat Moon.

I have been consistently impressed with Mike’s ability to help make our canine patients more comfortable and have a better quality of life. His desire and determination to improve mobility, comfort, and spirit is an invaluable quality to possess.

Mike is also knowledgeable in equine anatomy and motivated to learn a wide array of massage therapy forms that can benefit any patient, as not every horse is the same. I am confident that he will improve your horse’s ability to perform at whatever capacity is expected.

I recommend Mike without reservation as I am confident that he will aid in providing relief from injury and improving the overall gait and movement of each individual patient. Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding the benefits of alternative therapies for equine patients.

Kelsey S. Pruitt, DVM

Dr. Meredith Borakove VMD, CVA, CVCH

I have known Michael Daly for a number of years and in a number of capacities: coworker, client, colleague and friend. I worked with him for 2 years and found him to be a very caring and compassionate person who is great with both people and pets. After being a veterinarian for 17 years, he is one of the best veterinary technicians I've ever worked with. As a massage therapist, he was a huge help to my own dog who suffered from a muscle problem secondary to Cushing's disease. His massages allowed her to walk much more comfortably and smoothly. Since then we have shared a lot of patients who get a great benefit from multiple modalities of pain control as they get older.

Our clients cannot say enough good things about Michael. They feel that he has helped their pets to live longer and happier lives, which is what we are all working towards!

Meredith Borakove VMD, CVA, CVCH

Client Recommendations

Vicki Foran

Michael is so great at what he does. Our sweet Walter is no longer with us but Michael helped make the quality of his life and his ability to get around so much better. I adore this man for his love of animals and his caring nature. He truly works miracles. I thank him everyday in my heart for what he did for Walter. He will treat your dog as if it were his own.

He feels like family.❤

Caroline Hartsell

My elderly Chihuahua greatly benefited from his massage from Mike. It helped to relieve built up muscle tension and soreness that I as a very observant owner was unaware of. I could see an immediate improvement in his attitude and walking afterwards. Grumpy old Gus was initially very hesitant at first, but by the end of the massage was thoroughly enjoying it enough that he fell asleep! I would highly recommend Mike as he is experienced with animals of all sizes and temperaments, and takes a personalized approach for each individual pet's needs.


Jessica Simpson

Michael is great with my horses! They are at ease around him and trust him through some unexpected but ultimately rewarding massage moves. After a visit from Michael, they move more freely. We're making visits from Michael a part of their routine care.

Brittany Marrazzo Besnard

Michael is amazing! My pup, Beauty, isn't the best with strangers but Michael went slow with her and gained trust quickly. By the third visit, she was yelping excitedly at the door for me to let him in! 2 years ago Beauty had TPLO surgery on one of her knees. I found massage very beneficial for her. She is able to move around much better after a visit from Michael! You will not be disappointed!

Jane Eldred

Mike saw my Golden Gus who lived to be 14.5 years old. He was amazing and helped Gus live a longer and happier life because of his massages! After the massages his mobility improved and overall comfort. He has so much knowledge to share and truly cares about your dog!

Corrine Johnson

Michael is an exceptionally-gifted massage therapist, as well as an authentically caring and compassionate human being. Dynamite combination!

The 'beautiful B's'--two rescues named Bailey and Brandi--are ages ten and nine, a milestone professionals thought highly unlikely, given their state of health and mobility at age(s) one to one and a half at time of adoption. We could not have succeeded in a complete rehab turnaround without Michael's massage therapy contribution and emotional support.

As a former highly-experienced massage therapist (for two-leggeds), I value and respect Michael for his diligence and professionalism. Or as the B's and their Mama would put it: 'we love him to pieces.' Michael's shared energy is still very much with us, even though it has been four years and counting since a physical presence.

'At some moment in time, perhaps this moment in time, you find something that significantly changes your life.' (Ali MacGraw referencing Yoga).
Meeting Michael positively changed ours. May the same be so for all the guardians/caregivers of 'fur babies' and 'four-legged performance partners' out there waiting: 'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.'

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